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English Language Arts


  • ABC Order- Catch a flying consonant or the ABC train. Great language building skills; K-5th grade.
  • Alphabet Action- See and hear everything from A to Z. Wonderful phonics tools.
  • Calendar Fun- Make a date with this fun calendar. Kids can fill in the lost dates or make their own personal, fun calendar.
  • Letter and Number Formation- This activity provides a good model for learners starting to write letters and numbers.
  • Matching Letters- Help Leo the Lobster put the right letters with the right words.
  • Mighty Book- Mighty Book is a powerhouse of learning that's helping kids around the world read and speak.
  • Preschool Activities- Letters, numbers, shapes, words.
  • Preschool Library- Loads of on-line stories in both English and Spanish
  • Rhyming Words- What rhymes with glue? Reggie the Rhino needs your help.
  • Things That Belong- Does an airplane belong in a home? Help Nina figure out what goes where.

Grades 1-3

  • Good Night Stories- Would you like to hear a story, make your own story or listen to a story? Also great printable coloring pages

Grades 3-5

  • Power Proofreading- Oops, spell check is broken. Can you proofread the story before it goes on the air?
  • Touch Typing- A complete touch typing course suitable for all ages.  Exercises start with the home keys and progress to typing sentences.
  • Wacky Web Tales- Answer some "innocent" questions and watch them become a hilarious, wacky tale! Very fun!

Language Arts Skill Builders

  • Kindergarten- How well can you follow directions? Listen to Tina and she'll help you.
  • 1st Grade- Wide range of language arts tools. Games, worksheets, word searches and much more.
  • 2nd Grade- What exactly is a short A or a long E?
  • 3rd Grade- What does it mean to compare and contrast? Read a story then test your skills.
  • 4th Grade- Huge site. Anything and everything Language Arts has to offer. Student interactive.
  • 5th Grade- Challenging, interactive variety for students. Very broad, complete Language Arts site.

Listen to Reading

Literature Links

  • Narnia Games- Discover fun mazes, puzzles and games featuring all seven titles on The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • Narnia Games- Prove your Narnia knowledge and dare to answer all seven questions
  • Narnia Chronology- Learn everything there is to know about the wondrous world of Narnia in this interactive timeline.




Grades K-2

  • Pattern Blocks- Have fun learning fractions. How many triangles does it take to equal a hexagon?
  • Base Ten Blocks- Great way to learn place value as well as all basic arithmetic.
  • Guess the Number- Read my mind and guess the number. Great way to learn "bigger/smaller" numeric placement.
  • Sum Sense Addition- Can you unshuffle these number cards to make "sum" sense?
  • Sum Sense Subtract- Can you unshuffle these number cards to ge the correct "sum sense?"

Data Handling

  • Rounding Off- Can you round off to the nearest 1's, 10's, 100's? What if I throw in a decimal?
  • Mean, Median, Range- Learn how to measure data, find the average, mean, range.
  • Frequency Tables- Can you gather data? Can you take that data and make it into a pie chart?
  • Probability- What are the chances that you can catch a red fish in a tank full of mostly blue ones? Great way to learn fractions.
  • Bar Grapher- Make your own personal bar graph.


  • Tangram Puzzles- Practice your geometry savvy with this classic 7-piece puzzle.
  • Banana Hunt- Help your monkey friend locate bananas with your knowledge of angles and degress.
  • Alien Angles- Save the universe by determing the correct angle needed to shoot down the alien spaceship.
  • Rectangle Area/Perimeter- Amy and her brother, Ben, explain how to find the area and perimeter of rectangles.
  • 2D Shapes- How fast can you recognize two-dimensional shapes?
  • Faces- How many FACES on these geometric figures?
  • Vertices- How many VERTICES on these geometric figures?
  • Rotate, Reflect, Translate- What do you see when you look in a mirror? What happens when you move?
  • Protractor Practice- Use this on-screen protractor to measure angles. Your margin of error is only 1 degree, however.
  • Shape Surveyor- You'll never know what you'll find if you dig geometry. Learn about perimeter and area.
  • More Perimeter/Area- Want a real challenge? Journey into the perimeter and area of rectangles and complex figures.
  • 3D Shapes- How fast can you recognize three-dimensional shapes?
  • Edges- How many EDGES on these geometric figures?
  • Faces, Edges, Vertices- Not for the faint of heart. How good is your perception?

Place Value

Measurement, Money, Time

  • About Time- Choose from Time Passing, Setting the Clock, What Time Is It? activities to develop concepts of time.
  • Making Change- Show the cashier, Harvey, how to make the correct change.
  • Water Puzzle- Can you fill a 3ml container with 4ml of water?
  • Weight- Do you know a kilogram from a pound? What is a metric system?
  • Time Clock- What time is it? Put the hands where they belong and tell me.


Algebraic Concepts

  • Coordinates- Learn your coordinates and find your way back to earth.
  • Expressions- Learn how letters and numbers interact to create a sum, known as an expression.
  • Equation Match- Find the matching set and reveal the full picture.

Everyday Mathematics Resources

  • Kindergarten- Basic counting, measurements, patterns, money value, geometry...great games.
  • 1st Grade- Loads of fun games covering patterns, measurements, place value and much more.
  • 2nd Grade- Everyday math skills including place value, time, 2,3-D shapes. Plenty to play.
  • 3rd Grade- Dozens of games covering everything from addition to geometry.
  • 4th Grade- Fun, quick games covering data, estimating, geometry to name a few
  • 5th Grade- Various games covering number theory, estimation computation, geometry and much more.

Math Expressions

Learn about the lanugage of math, use tools to help you solve problems, and play games that relate to your units of study if Math at Lake Hills

Click and choose your grade >  eGlossary
Click and choose your grade >  eManipulatives
Click and choose your grade >  eGames

Basic Math Skills

  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade
  • 5th Grade
  • Rain Forest Maths- A great kindergarten through sixth grade site from our Ausie friends down under. Select a grade level and discover a jungle of interactive activities in mathematics: numbers, operations, calculations, strategies, patterns, measurement, algebra, geometry, probability, and data analysis.





  • Biomes- Learn about our planet and the creatures that inhabit it.
  • Biome Basics- Learn about the 7 biomes that make up our planet. Teacher and student friendly.
  • Chemistry for Kids- Everything from an atom to a periodic table. Friendly for students and teachers.
  • Light & Sound- Is seeing really believing? Check out these optical illusions.
  • Science Vocabulary Builder- Log in with Username "michigan" and Password "science" for help with your science vocabulary (case sensitive)
  • Sunrise/Sunset Calculator- Determine the time the sun will rise and set in a designated location.
  • Matter & Energy- Everything science. Take great Internet field trips
  • Reaction Time- How fast are you? Count the sheep to find out.
  • Solid Earth (Minerals)- Interactive way to learn about minerals and metals.
  • Stop It- Calling all scientists! Experiment with friction. Can you make the vehicle stop in time?
  • Weather Whiz Kids- Learn everything there is to know about weather.


  • Habitats- Travel around the world and see for yourself, all it has to offer.
  • Jungle Walk- Extensive pictorial site of every animal species you can think of.
  • Texas Parks & Wildlife- See the natural beauty. Fun kid games to test your knowledge of the great outdoors.
  • eNature Field Guides- Search, browse, and learn about more than 5,500 plants and animals.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium- This field guide featuring aquatic habitats also includes information about amphibians, birds, fishes, invertebrates, and more.
  • National Wildlife Federation- Everything from endangered animals to global warming.
  • Seaworld Animals- Go on an expedition or swim with Shamu.
  • National Geographic Animals- Amphibians, birds, bugs, fish, invertebrates, and mammals are all here.
  • Fossils - A Learning Zone site that explains the fossilization process and providessome examples.
  • Exploration Through Time - Students can learn about the fossilization record and how fossils form.

Objects In The Sky

Forces and Motion

  • Newton's Laws- Check out the free clip art, templates, and PowerPoint presentations based on Sir Isaac Newton's physics.
  • Motion & Forces- Here's a presentation you can view online or download.

Simple Machines


Social Studies




Current Events, Economics

  • Time for Kids- Broad range of national/global news. Lots of trivia games. Compliments TFK.
  • Quarter Backs Quiz- Great quiz! How well can you identify our state quarters, without text?




  • Grand Haven Elemenetary Spanish- Visit our Spanish teacher's website and find information about class activities.
  • Know Your Numeros- Click the numbers along the top of the screen to participate in 9 different number practice games.
  • ¿Qué Color Es?- Tell La Rana Freda what color you see.
  • Colores Simon- Repeat the color pattern that the toes show you, listen and watch closely!
  • Know Your Formas- Click on the numbers along the top of the page and participate in 6 different shapes practice games.
  • Los Meses del Año- Learn all of the months of the year.
  • ¡Viva México!- Puzzle piece together the 31 different states of Mexico.
  • Bicycle Race Game- Show your vocabulary skills!! Beat the computer in this English/Spanish vocabulary race.
  • Animales and More- Learn and practice your vocabulary for ALL kinds of animals!
  • ABC’s- Want to learn your abc’s in Spanish? Practice here!

More Links for Grades 4-5


More Learning Links

  • I Know That- This is your one stop shopping for learning skills for life.
  • Halloween Safety Game- If you plan to go door to door trick-or-treating, you should play.
  • Jigzone- Choose your level of difficulty in this jigsaw puzzle paradise.
  • Mancala- Play this African bean game against George (the computer).
  • SoftSchool- This site provides free math and grammar quizzes, worksheets, and games.
  • Touch Typing- A complete touch typing course suitable for all ages.  Exercises start with the home keys and progress to typing sentences.



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